How To Become a HUMSTER

Become a HUMSTER

Investors are a crucial part of any project or ecosystem. At HUMU, we deeply value our investors and welcome them to join the first-of-its-kind, revolutionary platform for creators in the fashion industry and beyond. Before you become a HUMSTER, read everything about the HUMU projects and the benefits of investing in the HUMU token.

What is HUMU?

HUMU is a full-featured blockchain platform offering next-gen solutions and services for the creative industry. HUMU will offer creators an easy way to tokenize and monetize their creative work, including content, designs, music, images, etc.

Creators like designers, fashion artists, models, etc. can easily turn their unique work into NFTs (non-fungible tokens) using HUMU’s advanced set of features and tools. These NFTs can be offered to a global community of fans with quick and reliable payments using HUMU tokens, all on the HUMU marketplace.

What is a HUMSTER?

Any user or investor of the HUMU project is called a HUMSTER. It means HUMU + INVESTOR.

As a HUMSTER of HUMU, you get access to all the features, products and services of the HUMU marketplace. Not only you can use the HUMU NFT platform to tokenize and monetize your creative work but also you can use HUMU tokens on the marketplace to buy products and things directly from sellers with exclusive discounts and offers.

Benefits for HUMSTER

  • Access to a global community of creators and fans to sell/buy creative work at the best price.
  • Equal opportunities for all creators irrespective of experience and status.
  • Transparent and fair payments directly to HUMU wallet.
  • Use HUMU tokens to buy products on the HUMU marketplace.
  • Security and reliability of blockchain.
  • Completely middleman-free platform with zero fees for NFT creation.
  • Exclusive rewards and competitions for HUMU participants.

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How to Become a HUMSTER

In order to become a HUMSTER, i.e. join the HUMU platform as a user or investor, one needs to sign up on the official website and buy and hold HUMU Tokens.

You can buy HUMU in the ongoing ICO sale at the introductory price. The public sale of ICO has started at

To become a HUMSTER, join the ICO sale and buy HUMU tokens in any quantity as you want. There is no minimum limit on the number of tokens a user can buy. To buy HUMU, one can choose from the available payment options.

Once you have successfully purchased HUMU tokens and received the same in your HUMU wallet account, you are now a HUMSTER. As a HUMSTER, you can now actively participate in the community, use HUMU services and features and create NFTs to participate in the real-life game of HUMU.

Anyone, including buyers, sellers and creators can be a HUMSTER. A HUMU platform participant must always have tokens in their wallet in order to be treated as a HUMSTER. If you have already spent all your tokens, buy more from the website (ICO), Soon, HUMU will be listed on exchanges, where users will be able to buy, sell & trade the tokens for other top cryptocurrencies.

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