Distribution of HUMU Crypto Tokens Explained

Distribution of HUMU Crypto

In order to better understand a cryptocurrency and its significance, one of the best ways is to take a look at the distribution and economics (numbers) of that token. The healthier the token supply, the more likely its value will increase. Similarly, how the supply and distribution of a token are controlled will have a significant impact on the token value and demand. Today, we’ll take a look at the distribution plan of HUMU Tokens as well as try to understand its significance.

But, first things first.

What is HUMU Token?

HUMU token is a utility token based on Ethereum technology (ERC20) and created as the native token for the HUMU NFT Marketplace.

HUMU is a fully-featured blockchain platform for creators to seamlessly tokenize and monetize their creative work, artwork, designs, content, etc. The HUMU platform not only offers more income streams online for creators but also gives full freedom for creators to work without any restrictions and bring value to themselves. The HUMU token powers everything from the usage of HUMU NFT real-life game marketplace, rewards and direct payments for creators, online shopping, and much more within the HUMU platform.

If you are planning to buy HUMU Token or invest in the project in any other way, be sure to read about HUMU Token distribution first.

HUMU Token Distribution and Supply

The distribution plan of HUMU crypto is designed through in-depth research of the project and the market. Everyone, including the project investors, participants, platform users, the community, and the team will have a role in the distribution. The number of tokens to be assigned to each role or group has been decided based on a thorough analysis of the token’s significance and the role of different parties.

Token Distribution and Supply

The initial HUMU Crypto Distribution plan looks like this –

  • 35% – Initial Supply for Retail Market
  • 30% – Presale of HUMU Token
  • 25% – HUMU Team
  • 5% – Community
  • 5% – Key influencers & Advisors

Since the HUMU token is a utility token, it will have the highest utility in the retail market, i.e. to purchase things. This is the reason why a major party of the token supply is allocated for the retail market of HUMU. This supply will be used to ensure healthy liquidity for the token in the market, so that users/creators can seamlessly use the token to buy things as well as to cash out as and when needed.

30% of all HUMU tokens will be sold during the presale, which is ongoing. The HUMU presale is an exclusive token sale for the public and private investors, who can buy the token at a special price before the market launch.

5% of the total token supply is reserved for the community, and the same will be used to reward the users for their contributions to growing the platform and for the benefit of the HUMU community. The other 5% of the supply will be used for key influencers and advisors of the HUMU project  The same will be distributed among the project influencers, advisors, etc., and used for HUMU platform marketing.

The remaining 25% of the HUMU token supply is reserved for the team. This includes the core team of HUMU and any upcoming partners who join the project later on.

HUMU investors and users can share their opinions and feedback on HUMU token distribution by contacting us at info@humutoken.com.

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