How to Participate in HUMU ICO and Buy HUMU Token?

HUMU token ICO (Public sale) is now live. Visit to participate.

HUMU is a blockchain-based platform that connects creators globally to come together and trade through NFTs with fair and timely payments using HUMU tokens.

Interested in buying HUMU tokens? Join the ICO public sale.

Who Cannot Participate in HUMU ICO?

Residents of the following countries are restricted to join the HUMU token sale:

  • Mainland China
  • Cuba
  • Afghanistan
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Sudan
  • Singapore
  • Syria
  • United States of America

To participate in the HUMU ICO, one must have a METAMASK account. Only ETH will be accepted for payments.

HUMU Token ICO price – $2 per HUMU

** No minimum purchase needed. You can buy as many or as few tokens as you want.

How to Buy HUMU Tokens in ICO?

HUMU ICO is being held on the website This is the ONLY official website to participate in the HUMU ICO public sale. Users are advised not to entertain fake websites selling tokens or products in the name of HUMU. Do check the spelling correctly or use the URL mentioned above.

Step 1: Visit ICO website and create your account

Open the URL, and register an account with your email address and password

Step 2: KYC Verification

Once you have successfully registered an account on the HUMU ICO website, next you’ll be asked to complete your KYC verification by providing details like your name, date of birth, photo, country, mobile number, etc.

Complete the form and click Send.

Now, you are ready to buy HUMU.

Step 3: Connect Wallet

Once logged in, you’ll be redirected to the dashboard, where you can start buying HUMU tokens.

Enter the number of HUMU you wish to buy. The next column will show the equivalent amount in USD.

Click Connect Wallet to get started. Enter your MetaMask wallet details to connect your wallet to make the purchase.

Step 4: Buy HUMU

After you have successfully connected your wallet, you can proceed to buy HUMU.

Click Buy. It will open a window, where you’ll be asked to make the payment. Select HUMU from the list and make payment in ETH.

Note: If you can’t see HUMU in the list of tokens, you can easily add it by using the add token >> Custom token option in your MetaMask wallet and using the following smart contract address: 0xcc6498c52708a076b80347fbbd9cc30d048f018d

Make sure that you have sufficient ETH balance to make the purchase. If not, load your MetaMask wallet with ETH according to the price of HUMU tokens you want to buy.

We at HUMU very much appreciate all our investors and users and thank you for your valuable time. Also, we are always glad to hear your feedback, so feel free to write to us. Connect with us on social media to share your valuable feedback with our team.

HUMU ICO will conclude in October 2021, and the token will be listed on the exchange after the sale ends. Stay tuned for more updates.

HUMU ICO Details:

  • Token price – $2 for 1 HUMU
  • Soft cap – 10 ETH
  • Hard Cap – 1500 ETH

Interested in HUMU? Find out more or join HUMU Token ICO at

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Anda is the founder of HUMU. Entrepreneur – Crypto and NFT enthusiast. Anda believes in creating more job opportunities and changing the world through blockchain technology. A critical part of our future is fair work opportunities that are how the idea of HUMU was born.