How Does HUMU Benefit the Modeling Industry?

HUMU benefit the Modeling Industry

One of the target audiences for the HUMU creators marketplace is the modeling industry. Models as well as anyone associated with this industry can benefit greatly by availing of HUMU platform services.

Modeling is one of the most struggling industries in the world. Only a few of all people who come to modeling achieve the desired success. According to a research study, more than 90% of the new & upcoming models get rejected or fail to get success in the industry, which leaves them with nowhere to go and not many options to follow.

Many unsuccessful models or actors turn to social media and start creating and selling online content to their followers. But here too, they suffer from the lack of the right platform to fairly monetize their talent and earn revenue from their content.

HUMU marketplace intends to solve this problem by providing creators in the modeling industry with the right tools and platform to fairly monetize their content.

How Does HUMU Benefit Creators in the Modeling Industry?

HUMU is a new kind of creators marketplace that will be delivering a variety of tools and solutions to help creators in the fashion & modeling industries to monetize their content in a safe and user-friendly manner.

HUMU will allow creators to tokenize their content, artwork, unique designs and modeling assignments into uniquely identifiable non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in order to market and sell them more efficiently to a global audience. Basically, HUMU will provide the easiest way for creators to tokenize their content in order to easily monetize it.

In addition, one can use HUMU tokens for easy and fast payouts to creators. Creators accepting HUMU tokens will get instant payments for every sale created directly to their HUMU wallet account. Each creator will get a unique QR code to accept payments conveniently in HUMU tokens.

At the same time, HUMU will create and launch a dedicated online store called HUMSTORE, where creators and HUMU token investors/holders would be able to search and buy a range of products, from daily-use items to electronics, clothes, and other real-life goods. They will be able to spend their HUMU tokens to conveniently pay for their purchases within the HUMU ecosystem.

Besides that, HUMSTORE will offer the following services to users:

  • Search for products across a wide range of categories
  • Buy NFTs by sending HUMU via chat
  • Search shopping history and previous orders
  • Exchange items directly with one another

HUMSTORE is a social and online app based on blockchain, where people can come together to connect, chat, call as well as shop. The app comes with a built-in online store where 1000+ physical goods and items will be available for direct purchase with HUMU tokens. Also, there will be options to send HUMU, buy NFTs, and exchange tokens from within the app.

Thus, creators in the modeling industry can immensely benefit by joining the HUMU marketplace and buying HUMU tokens. HUMU enables creators to connect with and sell their work to their fans globally and monetize their content via fast and fair payments.

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