Distribution of HUMU Crypto Tokens Explained

In order to better understand a cryptocurrency and its significance, one of the best ways is to take a look at the distribution and economics (numbers) of that token. The healthier the token supply, the more likely its value will increase. Similarly, how the supply and distribution of a token are controlled will have a significant impact on the token value and demand. Today, we’ll take a look at the distribution plan of HUMU Tokens as well as try to understand its significance.

But, first things first.

What is HUMU Token?

HUMU token is a utility token based on Ethereum technology (ERC20) and created as the native token for the HUMU NFT Marketplace.

HUMU is a fully-featured blockchain platform for creators to seamlessly tokenize and monetize their creative work, artwork, designs, content, etc. The HUMU platform not only offers more income streams online for creators but also gives full freedom for creators to work without any restrictions and bring value to themselves. The HUMU token powers everything from the usage of HUMU NFT real-life game marketplace, rewards and direct payments for creators, online shopping, and much more within the HUMU platform.

If you are planning to buy HUMU Token or invest in the project in any other way, be sure to read about HUMU Token distribution first.

HUMU Token Distribution and Supply

The distribution plan of HUMU crypto is designed through in-depth research of the project and the market. Everyone, including the project investors, participants, platform users, the community, and the team will have a role in the distribution. The number of tokens to be assigned to each role or group has been decided based on a thorough analysis of the token’s significance and the role of different parties.

Token Distribution and Supply

The initial HUMU Crypto Distribution plan looks like this –

  • 35% – Initial Supply for Retail Market
  • 30% – Presale of HUMU Token
  • 25% – HUMU Team
  • 5% – Community
  • 5% – Key influencers & Advisors

Since the HUMU token is a utility token, it will have the highest utility in the retail market, i.e. to purchase things. This is the reason why a major party of the token supply is allocated for the retail market of HUMU. This supply will be used to ensure healthy liquidity for the token in the market, so that users/creators can seamlessly use the token to buy things as well as to cash out as and when needed.

30% of all HUMU tokens will be sold during the presale, which is ongoing. The HUMU presale is an exclusive token sale for the public and private investors, who can buy the token at a special price before the market launch.

5% of the total token supply is reserved for the community, and the same will be used to reward the users for their contributions to growing the platform and for the benefit of the HUMU community. The other 5% of the supply will be used for key influencers and advisors of the HUMU project  The same will be distributed among the project influencers, advisors, etc., and used for HUMU platform marketing.

The remaining 25% of the HUMU token supply is reserved for the team. This includes the core team of HUMU and any upcoming partners who join the project later on.

HUMU investors and users can share their opinions and feedback on HUMU token distribution by contacting us at info@humutoken.com.

HUMU NFT Marketplace  – Everything You Need to Know

As the world goes digital, creators in many industries are looking for ways to digitize their work and earn from it. Creators like fashion designers, content creators, artists, music creators, etc. need to update their ways to go digital and start providing services on a global (preferably blockchain-driven) platform with high liquidity and instant & safe payments.

This is exactly what the HUMU platform offers.

What is HUMU?

HUMU is a feature-rich blockchain platform that offers advanced crypto services to help the creative industry get more opportunities and generate new income streams online by tokenizing & monetizing their work. For one, HUMU offers an easy & secure way for creators to tokenize their work/content, i.e. turn their work into non-fungible tokens (NFT) to seamlessly trade them in the online space for the best price.

NFT or non-fungible token is a blockchain-based token that is used to represent the digital form of a unique or rare entity such as an image or video or music or content or artwork or anything else. By digitizing, the rare entity becomes more liquid as well as its ownership data is securely stored on the blockchain. In a way, NFT represents the ownership of a particular digital asset.

Objects & Goals of HUMU:

  • Provide an easy, transparent & fair way for creators to tokenize and monetize their work
  • Provide more income streams online for creators
  • Provide the freedom to work and bring value
  • Offer equal opportunities to everyone along with fair payments
  • To help creators connect with and sell to fans globally
  • Build a first-of-its-kind creative industry NFT real-life game market platform

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Benefits & Features of HUMU

Based on the Ethereum Blockchain

HUMU is a blockchain platform based on Ethereum, and thus inherits all the features along with the security of the Ethereum blockchain. It’s fast, efficient, and highly scalable. The public blockchain of HUMU can be used by creators to seamlessly build their digital solutions.

Easy & User-friendly

HUMU is designed to be very easy to use. Anyone can use the platform to easily turn their work into NFT and monetize it seamlessly using the community.

Backed by industry specialists

HUMU is backed by industry leaders, who have years of experience in crypto, creative industry, and app development. HUMU partners and angel investors are credible members of the creative community.

Some of the other upcoming & innovative features of the HUMU platform include the loyalty program, referral program, beta testing, trading of digital goods, in-app advertising, etc. HUMU token users and holders will be regularly awarded with free tokens.

ico sale

HUMU Token

HUMU token is the native token of the HUMU marketplace, and powers everything from access and use of the HUMU NFT real-life game marketplace to rewards & incentives for users, direct payments for creators, sale & purchase of NFTs, NFT breeding, online shopping using HUMU token, and much more.

It’s an ERC-20 token.

Creators can opt to get paid in HUMU tokens for quick & assured payments.

The HUMU NFT Marketplace

Besides the HUMU NFT development platform, HUMU is also building a next-gen NFT marketplace where buyers would be able to bid when looking to buy NFTs from the creators on HUMU. It will be a global marketplace with access to creators and fans in hundreds of countries.

In addition, there will also be a dedicated online store for creators to utilise their earned tokens to buy various daily-use products.

Humu Crypto (HUMU) Token – Public Sale is Live!

Exciting news! The ICO sale of HUMU crypto is live now. Investors, creators and crypto fanatics looking to buy a high-potential crypto token must participate in HUMU ICO and buy the token now.

About HUMU Token

HUMU token is the native cryptocurrency of the HUMU NFT platform and creators marketplace and is an ERC20 utility token based on the Ethereum blockchain.

HUMU crypto will fuel all transactions and activities within the HUMU ecosystem, including tokenization, NFT creation & breeding, NFT sale, HUMU online store, digital payments, referral rewards, and quick payments to creators.

HUMU token is enabled for trading and will be soon listed on a number of top cryptocurrency exchanges, where it can be exchanged for bitcoin, ETH and many other digital currencies. You can either buy HUMU tokens now from the official website or later from one of these exchanges (at a higher price, most likely).

HUMU ICO Details:

  • Token price – $2 for 1 HUMU
  • Soft cap – 10 ETH
  • Hard Cap – 1500 ETH

Who Can Buy It?

Anyone who is excited about the crypto revolution and wants to become a part of the crypto journey by investing in a high-potential, realistic coin is invited to buy HUMU crypto. Creators worldwide looking for a better, more secure and reliable means to tokenize and monetize their work must join the HUMU ecosystem and buy the crypto to gain access to the various amazing NFT features & services of HUMU.

Residents of all countries, except for Mainland China, Cuba, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Singapore, Syria, & the United States of America are allowed to join the HUMU ICO and buy the token. For now, ETH is the only acceptable payment method to buy HUMU tokens. Also, users must have a META MASK account in order to buy.

How to participate in HUMU Crypto Sale

Are you ready to buy the world’s top NFT token? It’s easy. Just sign up on the https://www.humuico.com/ website and follow the process.

Before one can buy the HUMU token from the official website, they must create an account and complete their KYC verification, which will take not more than a few minutes.

Once done, you are ready to buy HUMU.

Just enter the number of tokens you wish to buy. It will show the total price in USD. Now, click on “connect wallet” to connect your MetaMask wallet. Once the wallet is connected, you can proceed to buy the token. Make sure that you have sufficient ETH in your wallet.

Why Buy HUMU Crypto

HUMU is an innovative token with a focus on providing an easy & affordable way for creators to tokenize their work. Creators like fashion designers can use HUMU to tokenize their designs, art, photos, etc., and sell them to global fans/buyers with fast & guaranteed payments. All NFT creators and sellers will be paid in HUMU crypto, which they can use to buy thousands of daily-use products, electronics, fashion and services directly on the HUMSTORE – an all-inclusive e-commerce marketplace based on blockchain.

HUMU ICO sale will end soon and the token is expected to launch on exchanges by the end of the month. So, hurry now before the token price increases. Buy HUMU Crypto today!

Introducing HUMSTORE – Dedicated Online Store for HUMU Holders/User

HUMU is creating a first-of-its-kind creator marketplace to allow creators to seamlessly tokenize and monetize their work and get quick & fair payments. In addition to this, the HUMU platform will also provide a way for creators and HUMU token holders to use the cryptocurrency for their daily needs.

Here’s all you need to know about the HUMSTORE.

Introducing Humstore – What is it?

HUMSTORE is a social and online shopping platform/app created exclusively for the users of HUMU. The platform connects people who are looking to get together, chat, call and socialise. At the same time, HUMSTORE will allow these people to shop online for their daily needs from our inventory of 1000+ popular products.

HUMSTORE combines a social chatting platform with an online store in one highly secure and feature-rich app that can be accessed and used via mobile phone anywhere in the world.

HUMSTORE is an online store that offers more than 1000 products, including daily use items, electronics, healthcare, and more with the ability to buy these items online and pay directly with HUMU token. This is particularly useful for creators on the HUMU platform who are looking for ways to utilize their earned tokens.

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How it works

The HUMSTORE online shopping store is available in the form of a mobile app that users can download on their phones.

After downloading the app on your phone, just open the app and search for products that you want to purchase.

HUMSTORE is a next-gen shopping platform where you can buy directly from other users. Once you’ve finalized a product and are ready to buy it, contact the seller via chat and show your interest.

Send HUMU from your wallet directly to the seller to buy an item via chat.

Receive the purchased product via chat or physically at your address.

In addition to buying products online from other HUMU users, the users can also exchange tokens as well as search their shopping history on the app.

HUMU token ICO (Public sale) is now live. 

Features & Benefits of HUMSTORE

HUMSTORE is a comprehensive online store that allows the holders of HUMU to buy and sell items online directly with each other and make money. For example, if you have some unique items that you would like to sell, you can list your product in the store and wait for a buyer. Similarly, someone looking to buy a daily-use product online can search the HUMSTORE and buy the product at the best price using their HUMU tokens.

A large variety of products are available on the HUMSTORE, including but not limited to electronics, fashion, content, and more. Users can manage their tokens as well as exchange and spend them within the app.

Buying and selling of items on the HUMU online store ensure complete privacy and security for users. And users get to pay for their orders in the most convenient and secure way using HUMU tokens.

The HUMSTORE app comes with a dedicated wallet where you can see, manage, send and exchange your tokens. The app also has the option to buy NFTs using HUMU.

Find out more at humutoken.com or read the project Whitepaper of HUMU CRYPTO for full details.

Cryptocurrencies vs NFTs –  What’s the Difference?

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are the latest buzz in the crypto market. These are blockchain-based tokens that are used to represent the digital form of valuable, unique or rare physical items such as art or images. NFTs are different from traditional digital currencies and cryptocurrencies, as they cannot be traded with each other.

Let’s talk about how NFTs are different from cryptocurrencies and where and how to use them.

Digital currency is a very broad term and covers all types of electronic money that can be transferred and spent digitally. Cryptocurrencies, digital fiat currencies, etc. are digital currencies. Cryptocurrencies are different from traditional digital currencies, as they are not issued by governments or banks and do not have any physical existence. NFTs are the same as cryptocurrencies, as they are also based on blockchain technology. However, unlike cryptocurrencies, NFTs cannot be exchanged or traded as a store of value.

What are NFTs?

NFTs are non-fungible tokens that are created on the blockchain and typically represent the ownership of real-world items ranging from fashion to music, arts, images, collectibles, sports cards, and even unique skills, allowing creators to monetize their items or skills.

NFTs are digital assets, but they are not cryptocurrencies. Each NFT is unique and thus, cannot be exchanged for another. You cannot use your NFT to buy another NFT. The value of an NFT is associated with its rareness and demand. NFTs represent the ownership of a linked physical item or asset and can be used to conveniently buy, sell or trade the physical asset on the NFT marketplace.

HUMU is a popular example of an NFT marketplace for creators in the fashion industry. Not only the HUMU platform allows creators to tokenize and monetize their unique work, designs, content, etc. through a community of fans and creators globally but also it provides assurance of fair and fast payments.

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What are Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized currencies based on blockchain technology. These are unregulated, independent currencies issued in a predefined manner and usable for a variety of purposes such as digital money, payments, utility tokens, security tokens, and others. Cryptocurrency transactions are highly secure, as all transactions are verified and stored on an immutable, encrypted blockchain. Also, cryptocurrencies allow users to perform fast and low-cost digital transactions, including payments, anywhere in the world.

Bitcoin, ETH, Ripple, DOGE, etc. are some of the popular cryptocurrencies. Most of these can be used for digital payments and are interchangeable with each other.

Cryptocurrencies Vs. NFTs

The main difference between cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens is that NFTs cannot be traded or exchanged with each other, as each NFT is a unique digital representation of a unique physical asset. Cryptocurrencies, however, can be traded with each other as well as with other digital currencies such as digital fiat.

Same as cryptocurrencies, NFT transactions are securely recorded on the blockchain and can be traced back in case of disputes. NFTs hold the information of the physical items attached to them along with certificates of authenticity.

NFTs are bought and sold through a bidding system on designed platforms called NFT marketplaces. Cryptocurrencies are sold on crypto exchanges.

Humu crypto (HUMU) Token- The sale is live

💰💰To buy HUMU, follow the link below to sign up:

HUMU smart contract: 0xcc6498c52708a076b80347fbbd9cc30d048f018d

We are excited to announce the HUMU token sale is open now 🚀
$2 per HUMU token💰

Fungible Vs. Non-fungible Tokens: Which is best?

In the blockchain space, a token is something that is used to represent the digital format of a physical asset like gold or real estate. Tokens have lately become famous as a means for easily tokenizing and monetizing physical assets. They add liquidity to otherwise illiquid assets, expanding their range and tradeability.

All tokens in the world can be broadly divided into two types:

  1. Fungible tokens
  2. Non-fungible tokens

Fungible tokens are cryptocurrencies that can be exchanged with each other. Bitcoin, ETH, DOGE and all other popular cryptocurrencies are fungible tokens. You can trade bitcoin for an equal value of ETH, and vice-versa.

Fungible tokens are widely famous for their use as a digital mode of payment. Since each cryptocurrency has a value attached to it, it can be virtually used to pay for things and as a medium of exchange.

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Fiat currencies are also fungible tokens, as they can be used to exchange things and items of value.

A fungible token will continue to have the same value and can be used for payments even when it is divided into or exchange with another fungible token. For instance, a $100 note even when exchanged with two $50 bills will continue to have the same value.

These are exchangeable and tradeable tokens.

Non-fungible tokens, on the other hand, cannot be exchanged for each other. A non-fungible token or NFT is a blockchain-based token that is created to represent a particular item or digital entity. No two non-fungible tokens are ever the same, as they represent different, unique items, and cannot be, therefore, exchanged for each other. However, an NFT can be traded, purchased or sold on the dedicated marketplace.

NFT’s are generally used to represent unique, rare items such as art, music, ownership of a house/property, a rare diamond, etc.

Non-fungible tokens in the blockchain space are essentially used to represent the unique ownership of a rare item. For example, the original Mona Lisa painting is a unique item and can be represented by an NFT that can be traded as a way to buy or sell the original painting. But, yes, there can be digital copies of an NFT, as there can be copies of a rare item. But, the authenticity of NFTs can be verified, as the entire ownership data is safely stored on the immutable blockchain.

An NFT marketplace is the platform used to buy and sell non-fungible tokens through a bidding system. HUMU is a good example of an NFT marketplace for creators in the fashion industry. The platform allows creators to turn their unique work into NFTs and sell them to fans globally to earn fast and assured income online.

Fungible Vs. Non-fungible tokens

The primary difference between fungible tokens and NFTs is that NFTs cannot be exchanged with each other, unlike fungible tokens that can be swapped for other tokens of the same type.

Fungible tokens are exchangeable, divisible and can be split without changing their value. NFTs cannot be divided or split. Each NFT is a single unit of token that represents a unique digital item.

Since all fungible tokens are practically the same, they can be traded for each other. NFTs are unique and not similar to each other. They cannot be traded for each other but can be bought and sold on the marketplace.

To conclude, both NFTs and fungible tokens have their different roles, purposes and uses. Both are important for the blockchain space and are growing in popularity. Find out more about how to create your NFT token at https://humutoken.com/

How To Become a HUMSTER

Investors are a crucial part of any project or ecosystem. At HUMU, we deeply value our investors and welcome them to join the first-of-its-kind, revolutionary platform for creators in the fashion industry and beyond. Before you become a HUMSTER, read everything about the HUMU projects and the benefits of investing in the HUMU token.

What is HUMU?

HUMU is a full-featured blockchain platform offering next-gen solutions and services for the creative industry. HUMU will offer creators an easy way to tokenize and monetize their creative work, including content, designs, music, images, etc.

Creators like designers, fashion artists, models, etc. can easily turn their unique work into NFTs (non-fungible tokens) using HUMU’s advanced set of features and tools. These NFTs can be offered to a global community of fans with quick and reliable payments using HUMU tokens, all on the HUMU marketplace.

What is a HUMSTER?

Any user or investor of the HUMU project is called a HUMSTER. It means HUMU + INVESTOR.

As a HUMSTER of HUMU, you get access to all the features, products and services of the HUMU marketplace. Not only you can use the HUMU NFT platform to tokenize and monetize your creative work but also you can use HUMU tokens on the marketplace to buy products and things directly from sellers with exclusive discounts and offers.

Benefits for HUMSTER

  • Access to a global community of creators and fans to sell/buy creative work at the best price.
  • Equal opportunities for all creators irrespective of experience and status.
  • Transparent and fair payments directly to HUMU wallet.
  • Use HUMU tokens to buy products on the HUMU marketplace.
  • Security and reliability of blockchain.
  • Completely middleman-free platform with zero fees for NFT creation.
  • Exclusive rewards and competitions for HUMU participants.

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How to Become a HUMSTER

In order to become a HUMSTER, i.e. join the HUMU platform as a user or investor, one needs to sign up on the official website humutoken.com and buy and hold HUMU Tokens.

You can buy HUMU in the ongoing ICO sale at the introductory price. The public sale of ICO has started at https://www.humuico.com.

To become a HUMSTER, join the ICO sale and buy HUMU tokens in any quantity as you want. There is no minimum limit on the number of tokens a user can buy. To buy HUMU, one can choose from the available payment options.

Once you have successfully purchased HUMU tokens and received the same in your HUMU wallet account, you are now a HUMSTER. As a HUMSTER, you can now actively participate in the community, use HUMU services and features and create NFTs to participate in the real-life game of HUMU.

Anyone, including buyers, sellers and creators can be a HUMSTER. A HUMU platform participant must always have tokens in their wallet in order to be treated as a HUMSTER. If you have already spent all your tokens, buy more from the website (ICO), Soon, HUMU will be listed on exchanges, where users will be able to buy, sell & trade the tokens for other top cryptocurrencies.

Can you Buy NFT Crypto? How Do you Make Money with NFT?

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are a type of cryptocurrency that is primarily used to represent the ownership of unique digital or physical assets such as unique content, designs, graphics, artwork, etc. Thanks to so many NFT marketplaces out there, it is now easy than ever to buy popular NFTs.

So, yes, you can buy NFTs of your favourite crypto project or the ownership of arts, designs and work of your favourite artists.

Why NFTs Are So Popular

NFTs were introduced as a way to uniquely authentic the ownership of a particular asset using blockchain technology. The idea became instantly popular among artists and designers looking for a market for their unique creations.

Eventually, NFTs started getting popular as a way for investors to make quick money by trading popular NFTs on marketplaces. In the last year or so, many people have managed to earn millions of dollars by trading NFTs of popular projects.

The main use and benefit of NFTs are to provide a way to authenticate the ownership of a specific asset like music files, content, art, design, painting, or anything else. This has many potential uses in a variety of industries.

How to Buy NFT Crypto

An NFT marketplace is a platform that allows you to buy, sell and trade NFT tokens. Some of the most popular NFT marketplaces include Binance NFT, OpenSea, Axie Marketplace, CryptoPunks, Rarible, and SuperRare.

To buy an NFT token, you must find the right marketplace. Then, you can just sign up and start bidding.

For new NFT tokens, it is also possible to buy the token at the initial/ICO stage. For example, the HUMU NFT token is available now during the public sale. HUMU is a marketplace for creators in the fashion industry to list and trade their unique assets through NFT tokens and earn revenue by selling them to fans globally. The HUMU token can be used for payments to buy NFTs on the HUMU marketplace.

How To Make Money with NFTs

There are many ways to earn money with NFTs. The best options include –

1. Create and sell your NFTs

Creators can earn with NFT by selling their unique creations and content through NFTs. Creating an NFT to represent your unique item is quite easy nowadays. Using a platform like HUMU, you can easily turn your music, digital art, image, memes, audio, and videos to NFTs and sell them to a global audience to earn handsome rewards.

2. Buy and sell (Trade) NFTs

As a trader, you can trade NFTs on any of the leading marketplaces. The idea is to buy an NFT at a low price and then sell it at a higher price, making a decent profit. NFT traders make millions by simply trading tokens.

3. Stake NFTs

Another way to earn money with NFTs is to stake NFTs of good projects that offers rewards for their token holders. Staking refers to the process of buying and holding digital currencies and reward tokens in exchange.

4. Invest in an NFT project/startup

Lastly, you can earn by investing in high-potential NFT crypto projects. Almost all new crypto projects in the NFT space first launch their token through a sale with the intention to raise funds. This is a nice opportunity to invest in a good project and buy tokens that you can use later to buy NFTs.

NFTs are only beginning and have miles to go. More and more institutional investors are investing in them, which is why you can be confident with NFTs and know that your money is safe in them.

Is NFT Crypto a Good Investment? What is The Use of NFT in Crypto?

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are surging in demand, thanks to the trend set by Bitcoin and altcoins like ETH and DOGE whose value exploded in just months, giving huge returns to investors. And now, people looking to get fast returns are moving towards NFTs.

Well, it’s true that good NFT can give significant returns in a very short period, but one should know that it’s about the demand. Some NFT’s may have good demand today, but may eventually lose their appeal and value with time, which is why it’s important to invest only in good NFTs that have real use cases.

Not all NFT are valuable…

The NFT market is still in the nascent age, and most of it is just hype. For example, paying millions of dollars for just a tweet from a famous celebrity is not worth it, in my opinion. Similarly, paying billions to own digital rights to a cartoon character from some unknown artist is probably not worth it. But again, not all investors are in it for money.

Since NFTs represent unique content such as arts, graphics, images, videos, music, coins, etc., these can be really valuable for collectors, even if not in monetary terms. Also, there are investors who want to buy NFTs just to support new artists and their content in specific industries.

But, what about regular investors looking to make profits from a growing asset? Can they benefit from NFTs? Well, the answer is yes. But, the key to making good profits from NFT is investing cautiously.

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NFT and Cryptocurrencies

NFT or non-fungible token is a type of token (cryptocurrency) that uses the same blockchain technology to safely store the ownership information of an NFT-linked asset on the distributed ledger.

Though NFTs have the same fundamentals as cryptocurrencies, there are many crucial differences between the two. NFT, for instance, can only be used to represent something unique and specific. Also, unlike cryptocurrencies, NFTcannot be exchanged with one another since each NFT is unique.

Since NFT are stored on the blockchain, they can be uniquely verified and authenticated and are not possible to corrupt. Each NFT represents a unique digital or physical asset and increases its liquidity to make it easy for owners to monetize their unique creations.

Investing in NFTs

Overall, Non-fungible tokens are a nice initiative and can turn out to be one of the best use cases of blockchain given the right purpose is found. You can think of NFT like purchasing a classic collectible. Necessary research is required to ensure the purpose will turn out to be valuable for you. There are some really good crypto projects working in the NFT space that are beneficial both for investors and users.

For example, the HUMU marketplace is a crypto project that utilizes the power of NFT to provide a fair means for creators in the fashion industry to monetize their content. Fashion industry creators can sell their unique designs, concepts, models, arts, images, etc. through NFTs on the HUMU marketplace and earn fair and timely payments. Find out details at https://humutoken.wordpress.com.

To sum up, yes, it’s worth investing in NFT. There are some really good crypto projects using NFTs to solve industry problems and help creators monetize their unique creations, art and content.

Find and invest in these NFTs if you are looking for extraordinary returns.

Roadmap of HUMU Crypto Explained

HUMU is a blockchain project that intends to create a platform for creators to fairly and easily monetize their creative work and content through tokenization. These NFTs to allow creators to easily tokenize their work and sell it to their fans globally while earning HUMU tokens with complete transparency and instant payments.

To better understand the HUMU project and its progress, it is crucial to understand the HUMU roadmap. Here, we share the project roadmap and share crucial details about the project launch timeline. Let’s get started.

HUMU Crypto Roadmap

HUMU is a cryptocurrency (ERC-20) token that is primarily used as a medium for quick & secure digital payments within the HUMU ecosystem.

Early 2021 – Ideation of HUMU

The HUMU project foundation was laid at the beginning of 2021 with the idea of a first-of-its-kind crypto platform for creators.

As of now, there is no platform providing monetizing freedom and fairness to creators globally. Creators have to face a number of problems, including lack of opportunities, late & unfair payments, limited transparency, and others. HUMU intends to resolve all these.

September 2021


The ICO sale of HUMU is launched successfully. Investors and interested users can now buy HUMU tokens at a special (early-bird) price from humuico.com.

Announcing Partnerships

The starts forming partnerships with creators in a range of industries to join the platform as primary creators or early investors and form a community of global creators and fans.

Creator Announcement

HUMU has successfully partnered with 50+ creators worldwide who are now providing services via the platform, allowing fans to buy NFTs of their favourite creators.

October-December 2021

Listing of HUMU token

After the ICO sale ends, the token will be listed on leading exchanges for trading. Crypto investors who missed buying during ICO can purchase the token from exchanges and the holders can sell their tokens for profit.

Development of HUMU marketplace

The development of the HUMU NFT marketplace and platform starts. A dedicated team of crypto developers, designers and engineers is at work 24/7 to build something brilliant for you all.

Introducing 20+ team influencers

We are excited to introduce our team containing 20+ influencers from different industries who will help us promote and reach our target audience and markets in multiple countries.

Expanding team

We are in the process of expanding our team. More developers, engineers and influencers are being hired regularly to keep up with the project demand. We are also partnering with top creators globally to test the platform.

Read More Whitepaper : https://humutoken.com/whitepaper/

Q1 of 2022

The NFT marketplace test version will be soon ready and launched. Developers and users from all over the world are invited to test our platform, report bugs and get rewarded.

Our target is to get at least 500 creators on board, who will be actively testing the platform and reporting bugs. The aim is to build a perfect creator NFT marketplace that is free of bugs.

Coming Soon

Development & Integration of Quest Individual Analysis

In the near future, the team has plans to develop and integrate quest individual analysis in the HUMU marketplace.

Exciting things are on the way for the HUMU team and users. If you haven’t already purchased the HUMU token, do it now before the sale ends. We are ready to welcome you to the marketplace. Keep in touch with our team on social media for the latest updates.