HUMU Go App – All You Need to Know


HUMU Go app is a dedicated mobile application for the HUMU platform users, creators and businesses. It is powered with HUMU tokens and offers the most exclusive deals for app users, accessible using HUMU tokens. Here’s everything you need to know about the HUMU Go app, including the app features and how it works.

What is the HUMU Go App?

HUMU Go App is a mobile application for HUMU marketplace users.

The primary goal of the HUMU Go app is to bring businesses/manufacturers together with new fashion industry startups and creators such that they can connect and trade with each other in a highly secure and fair manner and get discounts by using HUMU tokens for payments.

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HUMU Go App – How it works

HUMU Go app will essentially work as a marketplace to find the best manufacturers & suppliers in the fashion industry. The app will allow e-commerce stores, startups and businesses to search for and pick the best manufacturers to source products from. They can compare prices and find the best suppliers & NFTs. Attractive discounts can be availed by using HUMU tokens to pay for clothing orders on the HUMU marketplace.

HUMU Go App will help buyers search for the best prices when looking to buy digital content or NFTs on the marketplace. It will compare and rate NFT sellers across different marketplaces to help make it easy for users to find the best deals in their budget.

One of the primary goals of HUMU is to help businesses pick trustable and experienced suppliers. The app will offer the most user-friendly experience for users to quickly and efficiently accomplish the task.

Other than that, the HUMU Go app will offer the following features & services:

  • Price comparison – allowing users to compare prices and select the best suppliers.
  • Featuring suppliers all over the world – connecting suppliers and businesses from all over the world on a secure blockchain-based marketplace.
  • Ordering and signing contracts with suppliers directly on the app – secure and fast
  • Having access to all the documents – safe storing of the company documents with easy, global access.
  • Discounts to our consumers by using HUMU tokens – Use HUMU tokens to pay for your orders and get attractive discounts.
  • Comparing NFT’s and digital content prices over the marketplace and giving ratings

The HUMU Go app will be launched for Android and iOS mobile platforms and can be downloaded from respective app stores on your smartphone.

After creating an account on the app, the user can see and customise their profile, upload and manage company documents, and search for products and manufacturers based on ratings and prices. There is a separate section for the NFTs marketplace, where products from leading creators and developers around the globe are listed and can be searched based on the price, age, business rating, and more. Best suppliers, including clothing manufacturers, candle manufacturers, shoe manufacturers, and accessory suppliers are available on one platform on HUMU.

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