HUMU NFT Marketplace  – Everything You Need to Know

HUMU NFT Marketplace

As the world goes digital, creators in many industries are looking for ways to digitize their work and earn from it. Creators like fashion designers, content creators, artists, music creators, etc. need to update their ways to go digital and start providing services on a global (preferably blockchain-driven) platform with high liquidity and instant & safe payments.

This is exactly what the HUMU platform offers.

What is HUMU?

HUMU is a feature-rich blockchain platform that offers advanced crypto services to help the creative industry get more opportunities and generate new income streams online by tokenizing & monetizing their work. For one, HUMU offers an easy & secure way for creators to tokenize their work/content, i.e. turn their work into non-fungible tokens (NFT) to seamlessly trade them in the online space for the best price.

NFT or non-fungible token is a blockchain-based token that is used to represent the digital form of a unique or rare entity such as an image or video or music or content or artwork or anything else. By digitizing, the rare entity becomes more liquid as well as its ownership data is securely stored on the blockchain. In a way, NFT represents the ownership of a particular digital asset.

Objects & Goals of HUMU:

  • Provide an easy, transparent & fair way for creators to tokenize and monetize their work
  • Provide more income streams online for creators
  • Provide the freedom to work and bring value
  • Offer equal opportunities to everyone along with fair payments
  • To help creators connect with and sell to fans globally
  • Build a first-of-its-kind creative industry NFT real-life game market platform

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Benefits & Features of HUMU

Based on the Ethereum Blockchain

HUMU is a blockchain platform based on Ethereum, and thus inherits all the features along with the security of the Ethereum blockchain. It’s fast, efficient, and highly scalable. The public blockchain of HUMU can be used by creators to seamlessly build their digital solutions.

Easy & User-friendly

HUMU is designed to be very easy to use. Anyone can use the platform to easily turn their work into NFT and monetize it seamlessly using the community.

Backed by industry specialists

HUMU is backed by industry leaders, who have years of experience in crypto, creative industry, and app development. HUMU partners and angel investors are credible members of the creative community.

Some of the other upcoming & innovative features of the HUMU platform include the loyalty program, referral program, beta testing, trading of digital goods, in-app advertising, etc. HUMU token users and holders will be regularly awarded with free tokens.

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HUMU Token

HUMU token is the native token of the HUMU marketplace, and powers everything from access and use of the HUMU NFT real-life game marketplace to rewards & incentives for users, direct payments for creators, sale & purchase of NFTs, NFT breeding, online shopping using HUMU token, and much more.

It’s an ERC-20 token.

Creators can opt to get paid in HUMU tokens for quick & assured payments.

The HUMU NFT Marketplace

Besides the HUMU NFT development platform, HUMU is also building a next-gen NFT marketplace where buyers would be able to bid when looking to buy NFTs from the creators on HUMU. It will be a global marketplace with access to creators and fans in hundreds of countries.

In addition, there will also be a dedicated online store for creators to utilise their earned tokens to buy various daily-use products.

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