Introducing HUMSTORE – Dedicated Online Store for HUMU Holders/User

Online Store for HUMU Holders/Users

HUMU is creating a first-of-its-kind creator marketplace to allow creators to seamlessly tokenize and monetize their work and get quick & fair payments. In addition to this, the HUMU platform will also provide a way for creators and HUMU token holders to use the cryptocurrency for their daily needs.

Here’s all you need to know about the HUMSTORE.

Introducing Humstore – What is it?

HUMSTORE is a social and online shopping platform/app created exclusively for the users of HUMU. The platform connects people who are looking to get together, chat, call and socialise. At the same time, HUMSTORE will allow these people to shop online for their daily needs from our inventory of 1000+ popular products.

HUMSTORE combines a social chatting platform with an online store in one highly secure and feature-rich app that can be accessed and used via mobile phone anywhere in the world.

HUMSTORE is an online store that offers more than 1000 products, including daily use items, electronics, healthcare, and more with the ability to buy these items online and pay directly with HUMU token. This is particularly useful for creators on the HUMU platform who are looking for ways to utilize their earned tokens.

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How it works

The HUMSTORE online shopping store is available in the form of a mobile app that users can download on their phones.

After downloading the app on your phone, just open the app and search for products that you want to purchase.

HUMSTORE is a next-gen shopping platform where you can buy directly from other users. Once you’ve finalized a product and are ready to buy it, contact the seller via chat and show your interest.

Send HUMU from your wallet directly to the seller to buy an item via chat.

Receive the purchased product via chat or physically at your address.

In addition to buying products online from other HUMU users, the users can also exchange tokens as well as search their shopping history on the app.

HUMU token ICO (Public sale) is now live. 

Features & Benefits of HUMSTORE

HUMSTORE is a comprehensive online store that allows the holders of HUMU to buy and sell items online directly with each other and make money. For example, if you have some unique items that you would like to sell, you can list your product in the store and wait for a buyer. Similarly, someone looking to buy a daily-use product online can search the HUMSTORE and buy the product at the best price using their HUMU tokens.

A large variety of products are available on the HUMSTORE, including but not limited to electronics, fashion, content, and more. Users can manage their tokens as well as exchange and spend them within the app.

Buying and selling of items on the HUMU online store ensure complete privacy and security for users. And users get to pay for their orders in the most convenient and secure way using HUMU tokens.

The HUMSTORE app comes with a dedicated wallet where you can see, manage, send and exchange your tokens. The app also has the option to buy NFTs using HUMU.

Find out more at or read the project Whitepaper of HUMU CRYPTO for full details.

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