Roadmap of HUMU Crypto Explained

HUMU is a blockchain project that intends to create a platform for creators to fairly and easily monetize their creative work and content through tokenization. These NFTs to allow creators to easily tokenize their work and sell it to their fans globally while earning HUMU tokens with complete transparency and instant payments.

To better understand the HUMU project and its progress, it is crucial to understand the HUMU roadmap. Here, we share the project roadmap and share crucial details about the project launch timeline. Let’s get started.

HUMU Crypto Roadmap

HUMU is a cryptocurrency (ERC-20) token that is primarily used as a medium for quick & secure digital payments within the HUMU ecosystem.

Early 2021 – Ideation of HUMU

The HUMU project foundation was laid at the beginning of 2021 with the idea of a first-of-its-kind crypto platform for creators.

As of now, there is no platform providing monetizing freedom and fairness to creators globally. Creators have to face a number of problems, including lack of opportunities, late & unfair payments, limited transparency, and others. HUMU intends to resolve all these.

September 2021


The ICO sale of HUMU is launched successfully. Investors and interested users can now buy HUMU tokens at a special (early-bird) price from

Announcing Partnerships

The starts forming partnerships with creators in a range of industries to join the platform as primary creators or early investors and form a community of global creators and fans.

Creator Announcement

HUMU has successfully partnered with 50+ creators worldwide who are now providing services via the platform, allowing fans to buy NFTs of their favourite creators.

October-December 2021

Listing of HUMU token

After the ICO sale ends, the token will be listed on leading exchanges for trading. Crypto investors who missed buying during ICO can purchase the token from exchanges and the holders can sell their tokens for profit.

Development of HUMU marketplace

The development of the HUMU NFT marketplace and platform starts. A dedicated team of crypto developers, designers and engineers is at work 24/7 to build something brilliant for you all.

Introducing 20+ team influencers

We are excited to introduce our team containing 20+ influencers from different industries who will help us promote and reach our target audience and markets in multiple countries.

Expanding team

We are in the process of expanding our team. More developers, engineers and influencers are being hired regularly to keep up with the project demand. We are also partnering with top creators globally to test the platform.

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Q1 of 2022

The NFT marketplace test version will be soon ready and launched. Developers and users from all over the world are invited to test our platform, report bugs and get rewarded.

Our target is to get at least 500 creators on board, who will be actively testing the platform and reporting bugs. The aim is to build a perfect creator NFT marketplace that is free of bugs.

Coming Soon

Development & Integration of Quest Individual Analysis

In the near future, the team has plans to develop and integrate quest individual analysis in the HUMU marketplace.

Exciting things are on the way for the HUMU team and users. If you haven’t already purchased the HUMU token, do it now before the sale ends. We are ready to welcome you to the marketplace. Keep in touch with our team on social media for the latest updates.

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