Meat THE HUMU crypto team

CEO and founder of HUMU crypto – Anda

Entrepreneur – Crypto and NFT enthusiast.Anda believes in creating more job opportunities and changing the world trough blockchain technology. A critical part of our future is fair work opportunities that is how idea of HUMU was born.

CTO – Per-Ivar

General tech lover and enthusiast. Per -Ivar has been working with IT for over 35 years in Norway.Specialises in security, data storage, backup, virtual platform for servers VMWare and much more. 

Senior software developer – Sohail

Lead software engineer has been involved in multiple known projects. Has experience in different API’s of leading tech companies. Specialises as a Full-stack engineer.

Development and design team of HUMU

Head of development and design team – Hanna

Hanna has always liked creative things – starting from fashion to NFT. With HUMU Hanna sees how fashion will be part of future biggest NFT group. Graphic design student and ex model.

Back end marketing and development – Erlend

Focusing on partnership and brand outreach. Erlend holds a bachelor in marketing and sales.

Key advisors

Model algorithms and cybersecurity – Federico Pacheco

Crypto and finance – Ph.Lic. Björn Isberg

Ph.Lic. in Mathematical Finance.Expert in statistical portfolio construction.Ex portfolio selection advisor to Nobel Foundation and various banks and pension funds in Sweden.Two decades as a private investor.