How Do I Turn my Art into NFT with Humu?

into NFT with Humu Token

Artists and creators looking to monetize their creative content, work, art, etc. have a wonderful opportunity in the form of NFTs. NFTs or non-fungible tokens can be used to turn any kind of physical or digital entity such as images, videos, music, etc. into uniquely verifiable NFTs and sell them to a worldwide audience.

HUMU is a fast-growing NFT marketplace for creators to monetize their digital content, including art, by turning them into a real-life game of NFTs. HUMU allows creators like artists, game developers, designers, content creators, etc. to easily turn their work NFTs and generate a fair and long-term revenue stream. HUMU will offer a variety of tools for creators to turn their work into NFTs and sell to their fans on a global platform with direct payments through HUMU tokens.

What is HUMU NFT Marketplace? How is it useful for creators?

HUMU is a digital marketplace to tokenize and monetize unique content, images, games, art, designs, and more.

HUMU is building a first-of-its-kind NFT creation and publishing platform for creators – an NFT marketplace that will end unfairness by providing equal and fair opportunities for every creator to monetize their work using NFTs.

All transactions and activities, including direct payments to creators, rewards, online shopping, etc. on the HUMU platform will be powered by the HUMU token, which is the native token of HUMU. It’s an ERC20 token based on Ethereum technology.

Creators on the HUMU platform will need to use HUMU tokens to access the various tools & solutions required to turn their work into digital NFTs. At the same time, the token can be used for a number of tasks, including quick payments to creators and ensuring equal opportunities for everyone on the HUMU platform.

HUMU is the first blockchain-based platform for a real-life game of NFT content digitization that allows creators and developers on the platform to tokenize and monetize their creative content.

Why choose HUMU for NFT tokenization

There are many benefits of using the HUMU platform & token to turn your work into NFTs:

  • Access to a unique real-life game NFT creators’ content marketplace
  • Zero gas fees for NFT creation
  • Wide range of creation and customization tools
  • 50+ early creators of HUMU – HUMSTERS
  • Fast-growing & transparent community

How to Create & Customize NFTs on HUMU

With the HUMU platform, users can not only tokenize their virtual/digital items of any kind but can also breed and monetize second-hand NFTs. HUMU provides solutions for creators to tokenize and monetize their work as well as connects them to a global network of fans to sell their work with complete privacy and quick payments.

HUMU provides many tools and options for creators to easily build NFTs for their digital content. Players of the HUMU game can seamlessly customize their favourite characters on the HUMU marketplace using a variety of available customization tools and tokenize NFTs.

HUMU integrates many advanced customization tools, using which players can seamlessly customize their creators, including clothes, accessories, and much more. Players can also breed the NFTs bought on the HUMU platform to give them a new spark and re-sell for a higher price.

In addition to this, HUMU will create and launch a dedicated, blockchain-based online store where creators and HUMU token holders can spend their tokens to directly buy physical goods and items.

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